The blockchain provides opportunity in spaces both new and old.

The blockchain provides opportunity in spaces both new and old.


RChain Holdings enables solutions to real world problems that are best addressed by performant blockchains. We invest and enable these solutions through four closely related efforts:

1.   Evangelizing the RChain Platform as an open-source project available to all; 

2.   Investing in those building, helping others build, or providing education for those building pieces of the “whole product” ecosystem. This specifically includes developer tools, third-party solutions and systems integrators and consultants;

3.   Creating and funding corporate forms for solutions for specific problems in the blockchain ecosystem; and

4.   Sponsoring other people and efforts to uncover and solve problems that may not even have been recognized previously.


We are guided by our fundamental principles:

Deliver Early

·     Focus on what can be delivered in six, twelve or eighteen months.

·     Put foundational elements before long term speculative opportunities.

·     Focus on RCHAIN as the best current available platform

Build a Strong and Open Team Culture

·     Invite, include, inform and inspire partners, startups, customers and teammates.

·     Promote fairness, transparency and openness.

Create Sustainable Advantages

·     Maintain a priority on our team over investment opportunities.

·     Select investors and limited partners for their “quality of self” and the quality of their relationships, rather than just their ability to provide funds.


We favor projects that achieve concrete goals.

We want to hear from you if you know how to solve a problem that can't be solved conventionally.

Can you track commodities through the supply chain?

Will you bring parity to currently unequal parties by allowing third world suppliers of goods and services to participate as equals in first world markets? 

Is your goal to create inclusion for all by providing identity or banking to the 1.1 billion people worldwide who have neither?

We're the people you need to know.

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